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Oracle-X Box of Cards

Oracle-X Box of Cards
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Price: £10.95
Availability: In Stock
Model: Oracle-X Box of Cards

Quantity Discount:
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2 £10.60
3 £10.30
4 £10.00

This box is unique containing 36 cards, the exact blend of which, will never be packaged by us in this precise combination ever again. It is your deck!

This deck is a non-prescriptive tool suitable for beginners and experts alike. Easy to handle and read cards allow users to access their own intuition.

Uniquely, Oracle-X is both fully customisable and expandable. Since it is your personal deck you are free to use it however it works best for you.

A range of optional further cards are available to allow you to shape your deck in the way that you feel suits your personal needs and circumstances.

Oracle-X Box of Cards
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